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The Art of Wendy McNally

1995- Dr. Lowery Stokes Sims, Associate Curator:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA:
“we encourage you in your focus and vision”

1997- Robert Storr, Curator of Painting and Sculpture:
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA:
“I am particularily impressed with the strength of your drawing”


A small collection of Wendy's art can be viewed on her Art page.

Additionally, her pieces can be purchased from Fine Art America along with a variety of gift and personal items available on her Zazzle store.

Wendy's novel, Orgasmic Catalog, follows the life of Helena, a young girl finding her way along the tumultuous path from puberty to maturity and independence. Her story is complemented by an accompaniment of culinary delights, poetry, and Wendy's unique illustrations.

Wendy's work at Longbow Games spans a decade and a half and includes level designs for DX-Ball 2, Rival Ball, and Rival Ball Tournament, sculptural assets for Tread Marks, typography for Hegemony, and the writing and illustrations for her digital children's story, Norupa's Lizard.

Wendy McNally Art Gallery
The Eaton Centre (Toronto, Ontario)
Suite #220, Galleria Offices

By appointment only
416 775-5457 or 647 201-4608